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Behind the Weave - R & D

When Research is the base of every fabric, Development is never-ending.

Scrupulous research and development partnered with over eight decades of knowledge and experience in the textile industry goes into formulating some of our eminently innovative and distinct manufacturing processes. We hold several international patents and are continuously investing in developing new ones.

Turbo Capillary Technology

EducationTurbo Capillary technology - A Proprietary technology of Micro Cotton® which induces thousands of capillaries across the cross section of each yarn making the yarn bulkier than the regular combed ring spun yarn resulting in the voluminous yet light towel with ultra high absorbency and quick dry due to air spaces created by the capillaries.

Active Stain Release

EducationActive Stain Release is a groundbreaking proprietary process that modifies the structure of cotton fibers to create a resilient barrier against staining chemicals, preventing the substances from bonding with the fibre. This process makes stain removal an easy process and keeps the fibre as good as new, even after multiple spillage accidents.

Color Lock Technology

EducationThis inventive color processing technology is designed to protect the original color of the fabric even after multiple laundry washes. It helps fabrics resist fading up to 50 home launderings and maintain its original dazzle and vibrancy.

Benzoyl Peroxide Resistance

EducationBPR is an exceptional feature that makes fabric resistant to the harmful Benzoyl Peroxide and keeps it safe from Salicylic acid. This innovative property helps reduce bleach spots created by chemical ingredients that are commonly found in products like facial creams.


EducationTransform your living spaces to suit your mood with unique interchangeable hems from Myhem™. Available in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary or classic to modern, these sheet sets come accessorized with two easily interchangeable hems for flat sheet and pillow cases. With unmatched comfort and elegance, Myhem™ is the perfect choice for today’s fashion driven world.


EducationSmartweave integrates hem design into the weaving process unlike traditional bed sheets, opening up a world of possibilities for customers' aesthetic delight. As this requires no additional threads or embroidery, the sheets are both cost effective and easy to maintain. Woven into the same basic fabric as the sheets, the threads of the hems are resistant to unravelling, making them comfortable, durable and visually appealing. Smartweave hems are a perfect blend of beauty and practicality, making them an ideal choice for every household.