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Product Care

The secret for a long-lasting comfort and luxury.

Hi there! Let us tell you how to take the best care of all your MicroCotton Bath & Bed products. Don’t worry, they are all super easy to follow. Whenever you buy a new set of MicroCotton products, give them a wash first before using them. Always set the wash cycle on delicate/gentle when washing MicroCotton Bath & Bed linens. We suggest that you only use 50% of the recommended detergent quantity and maximum amount of water. Too much detergent is not great for the life of towels or bed linens. The secret of MicroCotton linens is that they release dirt much better than regular linens. Wash your white linens separately from coloured linens.

You can wash linens of similar colour together. When it comes to water temperature, our advice to you is to wash towels and bed linen in moderately warm water you should ideally wash your towels every 3-4 days, bed sheets every alternate week and duvets and blankets once in two weeks. Don’t use too much fabric softener on the linens, once every three to four washes is sufficient. We suggest you avoid putting in your towels with clothing that has zippers, hooks, velcro, etc. this makes sure that the Terry loops don’t get damaged. If you plan on drying your towels in the washer, set the drying temperature between low and medium. Once you take your towels out of the washer, give them a good shake. This fluffs out the terry loops and increases absorbency.

Our rugs and towels should not be washed together. They just don’t make a good pair. Keep the iron and dry cleaners away from your towels and vacuum cleaners away from rugs. When storing your linens, make sure they are completely dry. We don’t want mildew do we? The secret to space-saving, neatly stored towels is folding them in thirds (lengthwise) first, then folding them in half and then folding them in half again. And there it is, all you need to know about wash and care for MicroCotton Bath & bed linens.