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Essentials Collection

Luxurious indulgence meets long lasting value to create our remarkable Essentials collection.

An elegant combination of superior comfort and dependable durability and amazing soft touch, provide a subtle experience of everyday luxury. Explore the uncompromising quality and consistency epitomized in every weave of the Essentials Collection.


Elements Collection

The quintessence of nature and its elements captured in tactile weaves.

An effortless fusion of lightness and freshness of nature made visible in the exquisite design and weave of our towels. This eco-friendly collection inspired by the elements transports one into a world of soothing and natural sensations.


SPA Collection

Refresh, Revitalize, Rejuvenate with the sensuously soft spa collection.

Recreate the spa-like splendour with the gentle softness and quick absorbency of the Spa Collection. A selection of towels that revive the magic and pamper the senses to relax and rejuvenate within the comfort of the home.


Signature Collection

Unparalleled comfort and chic elegance coupled with sterling performance, the Hallmarks of the Signature Collection.

A unique blend of superior softness, amazing absorbency and luxuriously thick, lofty fabric form the hallmark of the Signature Collection. A modern sophisticated style with an emphasis on functionality, sets it apart.


Limited Collection

Splendid accoutrements to your bath, creating an ambience of unparalleled grandeur.

The luxurious satiny plush comfort of the limited edition collection reflects the grandeur of the quintessential royal touch. Crafted with the world’s finest cotton, the towels elevate any ordinary bath experience into a sojourn of glorious resplendence.