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Behind the Weave - Craftsmanship

Decades of knowledge and skills in making premium range of home fashion products.

Supremely Soft! Amazingly Absorbent! Luxuriously Lofty! Brilliant Sheen! Extraordinary Comfort! - are some of the hallmarks of Micro Cotton® products.

Superior aspects of these products come as a result of eight decades of knowledge and skills of our craftsmen at each stage of product creation. Your Micro Cotton® product begins its journey with the selection of extra fine long staple cotton which has distinct qualities to give you that intimate touch. Post selection of cotton, our ginners ensure that each strand of cotton fiber is separated from seeds without losing the same comfort as it had in its boll, thus protecting its inherent properties.

Unstressed wholesome cotton fibers obtained through ginning are then spun into yarn with passion and utmost care by adopting our own proprietary spinning technologies. These very special yarns are then meticulously woven into very carefully designed fabrics by our master weavers. Each special attribute is incorporated into the products at this stage through the design. Every loop, every interlacement is checked for precision by observant quality assurance experts to make sure that only the finest ones reach you.

Fine crafted fabric is then processed to look even more dazzling and vibrant, at the same time made safe and to last longer for discerning consumers such as yourself. With many pioneering processing technologies such as Benzoyl Peroxide Resistance (Bpr), Color Lock Technology (CLT) and Active Stain Release (ASR), Micro Cotton® is at the forefront of innovation.

These fabrics are they very delicately sewn into masterpieces that you will cherish every single day you use them. Every single Towel, Every single Sheet, is a product of our passion....a passion for excellence!

Feel it once. Love it forever – A commitment from Micro Cotton®