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Behind the Weave - Innovation

Innovation in every weave.

Every single weave gives an impeccable value and quality, mirroring the constant endeavour of Micro Cotton® to deliver innovative products with revolutionary features through extensive investment in ideation and research.

We are the pioneers to introduce the following:
  • Ultra Absorbency properties of towels upto 250-300% higher than a standard ring spun towel.
  • Superior and long lasting softness without compromising on absorbency through the use of superior cotton and yarn.
  • Voluminous and lofty, two times greater than ordinary terry towels with the same weight.
  • Snag resistant and run free towels that maintain the original structure and form of the fabric.
  • Towels which bloom and are loftier after every wash.
  • Super pile towels with pile height over 12 mm.
  • High density pile towels with 2-3 times the number of pile loops as regular towels, for enhanced absorbency and hand feel.
  • Towels with active freshness technology.
  • Light and airy sheet.
  • Sheets with ultra soft hand.
  • Sheets with low duty hems.
  • Pilling and snag free blankets.