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Beyond Business - Caring for the society & Environment



The Kadri Mills School in Ondipudur & the KG School in Annur mentor around 4500 students with 300 students successfully passing every year. It was initiated by the founder with an intention to provide affordable education to the children of the employees and to the society at large. It gives special emphasis on development and growth of the girl child.



KG Hospital operating under the KG Naidu Medical Trust organizes numerous community outreach programs for the deprived and underprivileged that covers clinical examination, diagnostics, health awareness, treatment, and free surgeries at the hospital’s main facility and through periodic medical camps. Under the scheme of ‘Little Hearts Foundation’, it has performed more than 500 free heart surgeries for children.


Waste Management

The Organisations have installed waste management systems and treatment plants to attain zero liquid discharge by processing the effluents, Wastewaters, Chemicals in all our manufacturing Units. We comply with the stringent environment laws & Regulations to prove that Kadri Mills and Sharadha are committed to nature and environment.


Renewable Energy

Both Kadri and Sharadha make the best use of renewable energy by harnessing the power of the sun and wind .We have the largest factory rooftop solar plant in India of 13.15 MW and installed wind energy of 6.21 MW of power.


Spiritual Involvement

The Group contributes to the development of renowned temples in South India. The Annandhanam Trust offers lunch to all devotees. Under the Temple Trust, a rural Health Clinic is maintained which gives free treatment and medicines to the needy.


Service to Community

A specially constructed marriage hall is offered free of cost to all the deserving people of the communities for conducting marriage.